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International Relations Office

Welcome to the International Relations and Scientific Cooperation Office. This office was established in October 2010 to coordinate and implement University of Kurdistan’s international activities. The concept of higher education internationalization is an important one in this age of global knowledge economies and impacts society economically, socially and politically. Thus, the need for replacing traditional, information based teacher-directed rote learning with a new type of learning that emphasizes creating, applying, scrutinizing, and integrating knowledge and engaging in collaborative learning throughout the learning lifespan is crucial. The International Relations and Scientific Cooperation Office activities are therefore geared towards achieving this objective.

  Drafting and creating the university’s Internationalization Strategy and a related action plan. Working with departments to develop their international agendas. This includes international agreements, funding opportunities, information on student exchanges, participation in visits and profile-raising.

  Dealing with all matters related to National and International Academic Cooperation Agreements.

  Dealing with all official foreign correspondence.

  Carrying out all affairs relating to academic staff participation in international scientific gatherings abroad.

  Providing services related to academic staff overseas visits for scientific-academic cooperation and teaching.

  Inviting Iranian and non-Iranian experts or academics living abroad for scientific academic collaboration. Hosting visits by delegations from international universities and other public bodies to University of Kurdistan. If your department is planning to host an international visit and you would like our involvement, please contact us.

  Dealing with visa issuance for official foreign guests of the university.

  Assisting with organizing international conferences and obtaining funding.

  Developing strategic alliances and managing institutional partnerships and collaborations.

  Compiling the university’s brochures in English, Persian, Kurdish and Arabic. In addition, collating and translating all information necessary for marketing and advertising the university’s services for prospective students and organisations through different media forms.

  Dealing with all International Student affairs including:

  processing international student applications received by email or in person and determining whether students meet necessary criteria and have required documents and information,

  sending students applications onto Vice-Chancellor of Education and Academic Affairs office and or relevant departments for initial admission approval,

  corresponding with Overseas Student Affairs Office of the Ministry of Science Research and Technology for final admission approval and student visa and residency issuance,

  carrying out initial registration of overseas students and then referring them to relevant administrative units for registration completion, accommodation,

  Student ID cards, fee payments…….,

  foreign student insurance processing,

  providing statistical information regarding overseas students to internal departments and external organisations as and when needed.

  Updating the International Relations & Scientific Cooperation Office website information.

  Writing referral letters for students and academic staff to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology for visa and foreign currency related issues.

  Issuing certificates of employment and study in English on request.

Dr. Qobad Shafiee

Director of International Affairs 

Kayvan Ghaderi Kayvan Ghaderi

 International Project Coordinator  

Arman Fathi Arman Fathi

 International Mobility Coordinator