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The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) was founded in 1948 at Imperial College, London. IAESTE is an independent, non-profit and non-political student exchange organization.


IAESTE is currently a worldwide organization with over 80 countries involved. The association operates an exchange program for the benefit of students, academic institutions, industrial and other organizations offering internships. 

In IAESTE we are committed to fostering international understanding and impacting the development of young people through international exchange.   Our core values of trust – in each other and our mission, Growth – providing a learning environment, Commitment – we don’t just say it, we DO it, Friendship – building lifelong, global friendships and Diversity – IAESTE is for EVERYONE, serves as a foundation for our strong organizational culture and as the principles that guide all our work and daily activities.  


About IAESTE Kurdistan

Work. Experience. Discover. This is the motto of the association, which has 87 countries members across the world. The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) was founded in 1948. IAESTE is an independent, non-profit and non-political student exchange organization. The association operates an exchange program for the benefit of students, academic institutions, industrial and other organizations offering internships. Iran has been a member of the IAESTE program since 1965 and is represented by the IAESTE Iran at the University of Tehran in Iran.

IAESTE Kurdistan is one of the Local Committees of Iran. IAESTE KURDISTAN is a young and fresh group who are very motivated and eager to work together. IAESTE Kurdistan is located at the University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran.

For Students

My name is Pegah Zare I did my Bachelor’s in civil engineering in 2016 at the University of Kurdistan, Iran. During my studies, I was honored as a gifted student and as a result, I was awarded to start the master’s studies without an entrance exam. During my master’s, I decided to connect structural engineering with interdisciplinary research.

I was always looking for different experiences in life and I wanted to discover life in some way. Studying engineering has its advantages and disadvantages, and I believe that engineering courses face lack of practical topics, and this is where different internships can be very meaningful. Through Dr. Zanyar Mirzaei, I and a group of my friends became acquainted with IAESTE, a global organization that operates in more than 70  countries. IAESTE Iran is under the supervision of the University of Tehran, and I went to Tehran after registering to participate in the IAESTE Day and English exam. On IAESTE Day, the interviews of previous students who had the experience of an international internship were very motivating. Also, in this meeting, the available opportunities were introduced only based on the names of the countries. 

That day I never thought one day I would end up to experience a long trip to South America. After taking a written English language test and sending a resume, the results were announced and I was invited to an oral interview (my favorite part). In this meeting, after answering some questions, I made three choices based on the country and reviewing the contracts, respectively, and it was here that I took the risk that one of my choices would be Brazil. A few months later, preparations for my trip to Brazil were underway. I had found myself extremely tired while I was running at Sao Paulo Airport to get to the gate sooner. I couldn’t believe it was me who was finally getting to my last flight. In other words, the decision of this international internship trip was a big step to get out of my comfort Zone.


Discovering a new country, its people, its language were very challenging. My internship was in a private company run by young people who worked in the field of construction contracts, construction management and risk management. The process of learning these topics was very interesting and also difficult, and I had to translate Portuguese texts to clarify the contracts and engineering concepts for myself, struggling with a Portuguese language, new atmosphere, get along with colleagues and cultural diversity were my daily engagements. I was persistent enough to continue and enjoy my new normal.

I use to travel alone in Brazil, stepping into the breathtaking nature of South America and getting excited by accidentally getting to know and talking to different people from other countries.

 When you are in a group of more than 10 nationalities, borders and boundaries will be meaningless. In addition to all that I have learned, associating with people of different nationalities and lead me one step closer to the meaning of life.

After returning from Brazil, I became someone else and I believe that I have become courageous, embracing new and more challenges. I hope that with the experiences I have gained, I can help other students get out of their comfort zone and move towards self-discovery and life.


Kurdistan Province or Kordestan Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. The province of Kurdistan is located in the west of Iran, in Region 3 and bound by the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on the west, the province of West Azerbaijan to its north, Zanjan to the northeast, Hamedan to the east, and Kermanshah to the south. The capital of Kurdistan Province is the city of Sanandaj.

Kurdistan province has countless potentials in different areas. There are so many unique industrials in this region, such as various agricultural based on distinct seasons, spectacular handicrafts, and appropriate scientific context that will meet the international demands.

Moreover, Kurdistan has a rich history and tradition that has been attracting so many tourists every year. Mountaintial and unspoiled nature, historical mansions, museums, and traditional ceremonies play important roles in tourist industries.  

New organizations such as Science and Technology Park which is based on science and knowledge by motivating and managing the flow of knowledge and technology among universities, research and development centers have become a suitable centers for different internships. Also, Knowledge-based companies are companies in which science and knowledge are an integral part. The scientific and knowledge-based nature of these companies has led academics and researchers, such as university professors and faculty members, to play a very important role in them. As a result, it is clear that it would be another choice to impactful internship programs for international students.


Service & Activities

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Zanyar Mirzaei

I did my Bachelor’s in civil engineering and my masters in Structural engineering at the University of Kurdistan, Iran. I have always been thinking about my future, building a career, becoming a successful person, and generally finding my own path in life. I was always the representative of other students in the class and my schoolteachers always noted that I had good abilities in management, practical subjects, and teamwork. As a member of IAESTE Iran, I gained an exclusive opportunity to do an internship in Brazil; during my internship, I was dealing with numerous infrastructure management, risk management, and analysis strategic techniques. I am into stepping out from my comfort zone to discover myself.

I’m studying for my bachelor’s in civil engineering at the University of Kurdistan, Iran. To discover me despite my major, most of my time is spent studying basic science such as math or mathematical logic. Traveling is one of my hobbies so I can get acquainted with different minds; the most beautiful experience we can have is a mystery. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.

Hello, I am Shayan Estifaei, and I will be completing my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Kurdistan University next year. I have worked on a wide variety of projects that have allowed me to put what I’ve learned in the classroom into use in a practical sense. This summer, I am going to be part of a new experience where I will do an internship at one of the strongest consulting companies in the region called MAHAB GHODS. CO, I pride myself on being detail-oriented, punctual, and easy to work with. It’s an honor to be part of IAESTE Kurdistan Hope to see you soon, take care.

I am a bachelor holder in mining engineering graduating from University of Kurdistan and I will do my master program very soon. I have participated in some conferences, which I think has broadened my knowledge of the field and motivated me to carry out some studies. I am a studious, reflective, hardworking and persevering person, always willing to direct other people to do things in/at which I am skillful. Furthermore, I am really fond of sharing what I know with others. In addition, I have   persevered in doing whatever   helps me achieve my aims and discover my ideal self. I’m seriously interested in physics and the related subjects like astronomy. This is why I have been the tour guide of a number of night sky photography camps to which lots of people attracted since 1395. Accordingly, I have established the first Kurdistan Astrotourism Association recently for astronomy enthusiasts. I am going to have the members be involved in astronomical activities and do good pieces of research in this regard.

I did my Bachelor’s in electronic engineering and my masters in telecommunications engineering at the University Of Kurdistan, Iran. I always have been interested in studying abroad. Fortunately I reached my wish by receiving an Erasmus grant which was in Spain. This opportunity was brought to me numerous experience of living and studying in a foreign country. Learning Spanish language and dealing with buddies from all over the world is the points which I like to notice. Certainly this period led to discover a better version of myself to me.

I am doing my master in mechanical engineering at the University of Kurdistan. My undergraduate project was reverse engineering a micro jet and my master thesis is about turbine design. I was able to win the second place in the gas turbine design Olympiad, and I am currently designing, analyzing and building a robot with 5 moving axes. I will be happy to be able to help you in these areas. My job is to design and build a product or device based on the needs of a person or company. I am the CEO of Pishgaman Pak Abidar Technology Company, which is located in Kurdistan Medical Science Development Center, I am into social activities in order to rebuild my skill in the international environment. Furthermore, I believe work as a volunteer in IAESTE will pave my way to achieve my dreams.