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Northern Zagros Forestry

The Centre for Research and Development of Northern Zagros Forestry is located in Baneh and was established in 2005 with the aims of the continuous improvement of forestry project quality through applied research and development, monitoring of forestry projects, system reformation and research.Research is carried out in the following fields:

  • forestry,
  • social and economic aspects of forests,
  • silviculture,
  • forest engineering and exploitation,
  • agroforestry,
  • reformation of natural resources management,
  • improvement of forestry executive operation methods,
  • preparation and monitoring of forestry projects.

The fundamental philosophy of this centre is to ensure stability of the northern Zagros forests. To achieve this aim, the centre cooperates with executive agencies (Natural Resources and Watershed Management Organisation, Ministry of Energy), facilitators (Global Environment Facility – Small Grants Programme) and postgraduate students (Master’s and PhD theses).

Head of Centre for Research and Development of Northern Zagros Forestry

Dr. Ahmad Valipour