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Smart/Micro Grids Research Center

The Smart/Micro Grids Research Center (SMGRC) is an international research center officially established in October 2016. The SMGRC provides a rich source of training, testing, and experimental laboratorial facilities for various smart grid and microgrid (MG) academic/industrial projects, specifically in the area of advanced robust and intelligent control synthesis and analysis methodologies. In addition to the modeling and simulation environment for training and educational purposes, a wide range of distributed generators (e.g., PV panel, wind turbine, diesel generator), energy capacitor systems, grid components, modules, and sub-systems are available for different classes of testing and validation capabilities. The SMGRC flexibility allows working on multiple configurations in MG types (DC, AC, and hybrid), operating modes (grid-connected and islanded) and multiple MGs clusters. The central core of the existing platform is a real-time simulator that can be connected to hardware equipment through power amplifiers. The University of Kurdistan and West Regional Electric Co. (WREC) are the main domestic supporters of the SMGRC. The SMGRC team comprises of a continuously increasing number of post-graduate students, and visiting researchers covers various aspects of research in smart grid and microgrids. More information about the SMGRC can be found at

Head of Smart/Micro Grids Research Center

Prof. Hassan Bevrani

Assistant Head of Smart/Micro Grids Research Center

Dr. Qobad Shafiee