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Water Sciences and Engineering Centre

In 2013, the Water Sciences and Engineering Centre of the University of Kurdistan was established in view of the important role of water in the development process of Kurdistan Province. The centre currently has two research groups: Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering.Some of the aims and objectives of the centre are outlined below:

  • defining and implementing research projects in the fields of development,
  • comprehensive management and sustainable use of surface and underground water resources of the province,
  • evaluation of hydraulic performance of dams, irrigation and drainage networks,
  • urban and rural water sanitation,
  • providing practical solutions for the allocation and optimum use of water and reduction of water losses in the various sectors of irrigation water management, drinking water, and hydroelectric power generation industry,
  • use of new technology and its localization in the province’s water industry.

Head of Water Sciences and Engineering Center

Dr. Parviz Fathi
Email: p.fathi@uok.ac.ir