University of Kurdistan, after concluding an official contract and membership in the International Consortium of DataCite, by allocating funds and specialized human resources in the form of setting up a DOI center, infrastructure and systems required to issue DOI code in order to maintain the scientific results of the country. Provided internally. The center issues DOI codes directly and directly, as soon as possible and at the lowest financial cost for the country's scientific products, including scientific articles, dissertations, books, patents and the like.
It is noteworthy that the establishment of the DVI International Middle East Consortium by Kurdistan University is based on the orders of the Supreme Leader and the overall strategy of the country regarding the development of national knowledge foundations, science leadership and becoming a center of scientific management in the region and the world based on national interest. And has provided the necessary arrangements for membership in universities and scientific-research centers of the country. The University of Kurdistan, while having full access to the International Consortium Database database and the independent issuance of digital object IDs, has provided the necessary electronic mechanism to maintain the research results of Iranian and Middle Eastern researchers in the country. This will be important in the near future as one of the main pillars and centers of the country in order to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze the production of science in Iran and the region in order to guide the scientific roadmap of the country. To this end, it is necessary for those research and scientific centers with a high volume of scientific productions that wish to receive the digital mark of the object for scientific productions, to officially declare their readiness to join the International Consortium of the Middle East. Also, for universities and institutes that require a small number of DOI codes per year, arrangements have been made to issue a dedicated code outside the consortium.

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